Oathmark rules review


Things at Firelock Games are no different.

oathmark rules review

Today, we see. Quite a while back, Fireforge Games sent me a number of 28mm miniatures to check out. Among them, was a. That was and miniatures were not on. Not sure if you have seen, but Modiphius released digital copies of their new miniature wargame rules for free! Going through Facebook, I found some new preview images that I want to share. These preview images are of the. North Star Military Figures decided to release their supply of Oathmark books early.

The reason for this is that they. Lately I noticed a spike in numbers of people visiting articles about Runewars the Miniatures Game. This game by Fantasy. Have you seen this!!! How Cool. It is unfortunate, but many event organizers find themselves forced to close their events due to COVID also known as. Skip to content. April 14, April 14, Jacob Stauttener 0 Comments hype. Today, we see Read more. Among them, was a Read more.

That was and miniatures were not on Read more. Right Read more. These preview images are of the Read more.

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The reason for this is that they Read more. April 1, April 1, Jacob Stauttener 4 Comments. This game by Fantasy Read more. How Cool Read more. Article Round Up. March 28, March 28, Jacob Stauttener 2 Comments. Read more.Ah, right. Actually Carole you might want to unbox your Elves as there are differences between the troop types of the different races.

All share a number of common categories like Soldier, Warrior, Linebreaker, etc, but the stats for each are subtly different giving each army its own flavour. Elves are easier to control, shoot and fight better than average, but are expensive so you will field fewer of them. Goblins are cheaper and rely on numbers rather than skill. So the challenge is to play to your armies strengths while exploiting your opponents weaknesses.

They are going to release updates for other factions including undead. I'm quite intrigued by these rules as they seem to leave out all the unnecessary junk that fantasy rules usually come with think Warhammer, any editionAlso the game is figure agnostic so you use any figures you like, I'm gonna give it a go and see what the updates bring.

I believe the rules have been kept simple to attract new players to the hobby, but they definitely have potential. Saturday, 4 April Oathmark. I ordered Oathmark as soon as I heard it was out, and it arrived yesterday. I've had a look and started playing a test game with myself this morning to get the hang of the rules.

Not sure I need to get the hang of it, really, as I won't be playing it with anyone for a while, yet. I thought this might be a decent addition to my rules, as I don't really have an old school WFB type game even though I have several suitable armies.

These are all very similar types of army, in the wider scheme of fantasy gaming especially as they are all given many similar types of unit.

I was surprised not to find the undead represented. I also thought it might accommodate building your own forces so I could make customised fantasy armies, but you only get to play with the ones you're given.

I imagine the publishers are only interested in supporting their own figures, as they have a growing range of decent Oathmark plastic regiments, which is fair enough, but seems a bit of a narrow path to tread.

Lpg inspection

I much prefer the angle taken by Saga AoM which seemed to go out of its way to accommodate as many different types of army as it could. The main only! Activation usually involves rolling 2 dice and trying to get the activation number, so an elf might typically try to get a 3, while a goblin might need a 6. If you fail the activation roll you still get to make 1 of a limited number of activations, if you suceed you get to do 2 of whatever you like. You take it in turns to activate your units, so the order you do this is a key tactical element of the game.

This is enhanced by the presence of commanders, so if you activate a commander's unit, it might be able to activate one or two more units to also have a go before your opponent can react. Unit's stat lines have the feel of the old GW ones, with a line of about 9 stats with a list of special abilities and equipment.

Sometimes you can fiddle with these, for example, when giving a character a horse or wolf to ride, but they don't really come with any options, except the size of the unit you want to make with them.

So, if I wanted my Goblin archers to shoot some Human spearmen, I might look at my Shoot stat 1 and deduct it from the Spearmen's Defence stat 9 to leave me needing 8s. Actually, I'd only roll 4 dice, coz I think the spearmen have 1 level of Shielding. I was gonna play the whole battle out and make some sort of review and battle report, but I was just left unenthused by the game, and so I won't bother.

I feel like there's such a lack of the fantastical in the game it feels like an historical game that has been given magic and dragons. The fantasy feels very generic, which could of course be appropriate for a generic game, but as this is dedicated to a figure range, I feel like they could have given us some interesting setting.

If they want us to make the setting and story up ourselves which can be, of course, a good thing then I feel like they should have let us make up our own units up as well.Another non-human boxed set for the Oathmark range is the Goblin Infantry.

I've already covered the Elves and the Dwarves in the past, so if you want to take a look at them, click the links above. That is the reason why the box is a bit beat up and the sprue of square bases is missing.

oathmark rules review

If you buy this boxed set in retail, it costs 25 GBP for 30 Goblin infantry and includes a sprue of square bases as well. Casting is very well done. Low amount of mould lines, nice details, no flash and a properly filled sprue with lots of options.

Each sprue covers 5 different bodies, enough arms to equip the infantry with either hand weapons and shieldsspears or bows and quivers, 11 different heads, and a banner pole incl.

Oathmark: Battle Of The Lost Age

Let's begin the build with the five different bodies. I will mix the weaponry, to show a bit of each and build a small warband rather than a regiment of goblins. As for the weapons, I gave them a bow and arrow, a sabre like sword, a large axe for the champion, a banner pole for the banner bearer and spear for the fifth goblin. The hunched bodies and different weapons work quite well together.

You can give them some lurking poses, with drawn weapons, waiting for a sneaky attack. For the bodies we have a choice of 10 regular heads and a more present helmet for the champion.

I could see some of the heads being used for undead as well, maybe for ghouls or zombies. The goblins are quickly assembled, as we are only missing the shields, quivers and banner top.

oathmark rules review

The shields are quite compact, so glueing them to the bodies now doesn't hinder painting later on. To give you an idea of the size, here's a comparison with the Elves and Dwarves, along with a Frostgrave soldier due to the lack of an Oathmark human. Conclusion Northstar offers two additional blisters for additional heroes for this boxed set, one with a great goblin, a shaman and a drummeranother one with three goblin champions.

The plastic set with 30 infantry for 25 GBP is a pretty solid deal, as you pay less then a quid per goblin. You can give them dynamic poses, that fill 25mm round bases or rank them up to a proper regiment on 20mm squares. Both options work quite well, and due to the vast options of weaponry and the beat-up hand weapons are a proper choice for goblins you can build multiple types of regiments from this set, so it's a proper core choice beyond Oathmark for similar games like Kings of War or Saga Age of Fantasy if you like.

Due to their slender build, the goblins could even be used along with the true scaled miniatures of the Lord of the Rings, maybe not as goblins, but as Mordor orcs or such not a bad choice. The goblin infantry won't stay alone within their dark green skinned ranks, as Northstar has previewed wolf riders in summerand these will come in plastic, along with a few metal command models.

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And their release is set for January ! Add in a few engines of war catapult or ballista and you got yourself a proper range for fantasy mass combat - at a reasonable rate. I am just missing a bit of gubbins, some looted goods, a horn or drum for the musician, a severed dwarf or elf head for the banner, simply bits. Because if you go for the army project, your banner men and such will look pretty similar, unless you add a few parts from other kits yes, with the overall plastic range that Northstar offers, there are quite a bit choices, still next to the spears was a bit of room for such things If you split this box and keep sprues, you can build a few encounters for Frostgrave or use them as a warband of themself using the shaman as a leadermaybe by using the rules of the Gnolls or so.

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Cancel anytime. Thanks for signing up for the Redbird Landing newsletter!After covering the infantry kits of Oathmarktoday we have the opportunity to show the first cavalry set of the range - Goblin Wolf Riders. These were released only a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar with Oathmark. I haven't had the chance to look into the rules yet. As for the goblin army, this is the second Oathmark kit for them.

The first one was the Goblin Infantry, we showed here in december. A box of 15 wolf riders will cost you 25 GBP and covers three sprues for the riders, five for the wolfs and two bases with 50 x 25 mm cavalry bases. Low to medium amount of mould lines, a bit stronger within the fur parts.

Oathmark (41 products found)

The riders sprue covers 5 different bodies, enough arms to equip the models with either hand weapons and shieldsspears or bows and quivers, 10 different heads, and a banner pole incl. The layout is very much like the infantry, but with different legs and overall different designs. There are three different designs of the wolves. Unfortunately they can not be mix, so you have to assemble them as they are numbered. I am not quite happy with the split in the middle, but due to the limitations of plastic casting and undercuts you'd either have to make a more complex cut resulting in possible gaps or modify the design for example smaller ears, closer to the head, similar to the old Warhammer wolves.

Now up for the riders. Their bodies consists out of wide spread legs and "regular" bodies, that should be compatible with the infantry kit, maybe a bit more hunched. You will need to glue the bodies to the mounts later on, for a more reliable hold. I used a small ball of blutac to keep them in place. You could pin them and keep them removeable.

The weapon options are the same as with the infantry kit. You can give them hand weapons or spears with shields, or bow and quiver. There is a larger sword and a banner pole for the command section, but no musician like a horn blower in this set. For the five bodies you have ten different heads to choose from. The helmets have the option to add a small fur tail on top.

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The wolf riders are only missing the completing bits, like shields, quiver, banner pole and fur tails. I just put the shields in place, as you might want to glue them to the bodies after you've painted them.

oathmark rules review

As for the banner bearer I added one to his back.All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. Back to the Fantasy Discussion Message Board.

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Back to the 28mm Fantasy Message Board. Been following Northstar Miniatures' releases of their new plastic fantasy dwarves and goblins for the new Osprey game Oathmark. Maybe I totally missed something or missed an announcement somewhere down the line, but I've searched high and low and can't find even a trace of where to get the rules or rulebook! Osprey Publishing's own site has absolutely zip, if you type it in their search engine you get nothing found.

No links on Northstars' site to the rulebook anywhere that I can see. All I see are links to buying the dwarves and goblins plus some printed banners. Did they release the minis. I believe they are still in development.

They are producing the line of figures ahead of the rules release. A not uncommon or unfair! At this point, I'm afraid the best we can say is that the game is in development. As soon as we've got more news and information, it'll go up here and on the official Oathmark page. What we will keep releasing in the meantime is a range of plastic boxed sets and metal blisters — Elf and Human infantry to match the Goblins and Dwarves to start with… and then some more specialised units including, and in no particular order: cavalry, heavy infantry, light troops.

Much as we would have loved to launch everything at once with rules, multiple boxed sets, and metal figures, it just wasn't practical, so we decided to release what we could — the figures — when we could. In terms of preparing figures for the Oathmark rules, there are few limitations — basing is 25mm square but other options can be accommodatedand units are organised in multiples of 5. As for the proportions of archers to warriors to spearmen, they can be freely selected subject to final points costs and assuming it's a one-race force — it gets a little trickier when mixed forces are concerned.

Hope this helps. I don't know, dragon Rampant? Songs of Blades and Heroes? Lots of rules, what re you playing now? I find it rather strange to be vocally wishing for some unfinished rules that haven't yet a bit of published details to entice one from the set you use currently.

Use the figs and worry about the other rules when there is actually some sizzle to smell and hear and get buzzed about. A I'll sell you some new rules I am "developing". Care to make a down Payment? Be ready in but they will be better then what you have now. The game will be called promisereich. No, I am just pointing out that the GW business plan is not one I want to see potentially emulated by a new set of fanboys.

Play what you want with figs and rules of your own choice based on what you have actually seen. Based on JUST that information makes me anticipate what will come out. Plus some of the details that have been released suggests I'll enjoy them better than what is currently on the market. Mike, omg calm down…I'm looking forward to Oathmark beccause I love Frostgrave and this game is also being developed by Osprey.