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Produced from through for the North American market, the Ford Gran Torino was considered an upscale version of the intermediate Ford Fairlane produced from through After the model year, the Fairlane moniker was given to all base model cars while the Torino name was saved for models with higher trim packages.

Comeand the Fairlane name was completely dropped, and now Ford intermediate cars were all called the Torino. Classic Car Liquidators is pleased to offer the opportunity to take home this beautiful example of a Ford Gran Torino.

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This '71 Ford Gran Torino shines brilliantly in a bright orange finish, and the gloss is apparent when glancing at the photos provided. On all four corners sit a set of US Mags Bandit series wheels. Shaved door handles add to the car's smooth aesthetic.

torino comera

Powering this vintage Ford is a cubic-inch Windsor V8 engine topped with Holley Sniper electronic fuel injection and an aluminum intake. An aluminum radiator keeps everything running smooth and cool, and the car also features a Milodon high-volume oil pan. Power steering allows for easy maneuvering those turns, and power brakes all around bring everything to a stop. A set of ceramic-coated long-tube headers send spent gases through a Flowmaster dual exhaust. Front and rear sway bars keep everything in check, and a custom center console comes complete with cupholders.

The addition of front and rear sway bars help keep handling in check. Inside this Ford Gran Torino sits a beautiful custom cream and black interior featuring beautiful upholstery. The dashboard houses Speed Hut gauges, a Kenwood touchscreen with an aftermarket sound system, tachometer.

torino comera

A backup camera inside the car makes reversing out of the driveway a piece of cake. If you're looking for that next epic muscle car to demand attention no matter where it goes, you may want to check out this stunning Ford Gran Torino. Stay up to date! By Amie Williams 25 May This slice of American Muscle shines bright like a diamond.

This woman was raised with Fords and Chevrolets, then she chose sides.

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Steven Symes Motorious. Related Articles handpicked. This certainly is a dream come true for Ford fans This first-year ZR-1 is one of the finest you'll find! You either love or hate this look You've successfully subscribed to Motorious! Subscribe to Motorious Stay up to date!This plugin for X-Plane 11 is a replacement camera system that lets you define multiple view categories and multiple views within those categories that are associated with specific aircraft.

X-Camera also supports airport cameras that can be positioned at gates, towers, runways, and along the taxiways.

Each view can enable or disable the TrackIR input. If the view is out the cockpit window having TrackIR enabled is desirable. However, if the view is a close-up of an instrument panel then having TrackIR disabled is probably the better choice since the view will be stable making it easy to click on cockpit controls with the mouse. We also support LinuxTrack on Linux and Mac systems.

SimHat is a head tracking solution that uses your iPhone to track your head movement similar to TrackIR.

Coolpad Torino

X-Camera fully supports the integration to SimHat. Similar to the TrackIR feature you will likely want this enabled for certain views but disabled for views on instrument panel close-ups where a stable camera makes it easier to use a mouse to control cockpit knobs and switches.

The HeadShake plugin must be at version 1. When this option is enabled the camera with smoothly transition from one view to another over approximately half a second.

When the option is off the view will transition immediately. While in this mode the camera can be walked or floated around using keyboard input. If you ever played the video game asteroid that is what walk mode is like. The mode is particularly useful for pre-flight inspections of your aircraft. Linear transitions allows you to define a transition between two adjacent cameras in category.

This capability, in conjunction with the auto advance feature, allows you define fairly sophisticated animations that can be used for automated Pre-flight inspections, scenery viewing, and cool transitions affects that can be used when creating flight videos.

All the transitions in our YouTube video were done with X-Camera. Bezier curve transitions allows you to define a transition between three or more adjacent cameras in a category. This capability, in conjunction with the auto advance feature, allows you define fairly sophisticated animations that have an ultra smooth movement between the curve control points.A few years ago, while browsing the feeds from my country, I had spotted a camera showing a bedroom with a young child playing.

The camera in question was using UPnP to enable port forwarding by default — with a standard password. After looking up the ip address, I notified the ISP which in turn notified the customer and the camera was taken offline within hours. While it may not be unexpected to us that such insecure cameras are sold, less tech-savvy users simply don't know about the risks.

Some time ago I went through the list of my country Franceand some were definitively not supposed to be here. One was in a retail shop like m from our office, one of my colleagues actually went there to warn the personel, and it was taken down in the next minutes I think they cut off the power of the cameras until necessary action was taken.

An other one was in a restaurant, right above the cashier and most importantly the credit card terminal. The name of the restaurant was visible on a floor mat, so I could find very easily the website and the e-mail address to send an e-mail to.

But then I struggled when writing the e-mail. I didn't want to sound like a hacker and was afraid to be prosecutedbut also I really wanted them to take it down, by citing some laws here in France that is very strict about video surveillance on the workplace. In the end I didn't send any email. I'm not a lawyer, and there was too much risk IMO. Couldn't you have made a throwaway email address? Plus, connect through a VPN just in case they refer the case to the authorities.

It'd be ironic if they threw more resources at finding the "hacker" than at securing their network I had thought of that, but I think that would only have decreased the probability for the receiver to actually open the email. At this point it hit my own "Return Over Time Investment" threshold, and I figured I'd better use my time helping my own circle to secure their stuff.

Good work. It's to be also noted that you live in a country, where ISPs understood what you were telling, understood its urgency, communicated properly with the affected party and remedied it within hours. There are countries where, in order to talk to a person who understands there is a public facing IP camera it will take extraordinary effort at best and at worst you will be termed 'hacker' for visiting the 'Insecam' website and police will knock on your door within next couple of months to a year; Now good luck finding someone in the police who will listen to you and actually understands it.

It would be nice to automate this flow as much as possible to reduce the friction for concerned people. I like that idea. Maybe one of those auto-lawyer websites could send it, like to absorb blowback in case the recipient flips out. Because they often do.

Years ago there was a Mac screensaver that showed a random insecure camera feed each time it activated.Welcome, visitor! Released for Metro PCS prepaid network in and discontinued already, the Kyocera Torino is now available at cheap price from third-party merchants. Buying basic phones discontinued by service providers is a great option when you need a replacement phone but are on a tight budget.

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Flying Over Turin. Torino, Italy. Cameras Outside of the Plane. Great Views. Piper Turbo Arrow IV

Learn step by step how to buy Kyocera Torino. Find reviews about the device. Due to the size of the file, upload may take up to 2 minutes. It does not support SIM cards.I would like to grow up to be like Clint Eastwood. Eastwood the director, Eastwood the actor, Eastwood the invincible, Eastwood the old man.

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What other figure in the history of the cinema has been an actor for 53 years, a director for 37, won two Oscars for direction, two more for best picture, plus the Thalberg Award, and at 78 can direct himself in his own film and look meaner than hell?

None, that's how many. Dirty Harry on a pension, we're thinking, until we realize that only the autoworker retired; Dirty Harry is still on the job. Eastwood plays the character as a man bursting with energy, most of which he uses to hold himself in. Each word, each scowl, seems to have broken loose from a deep place. Walt Kowalski calls the Asian family next door "gooks" and "chinks" and so many other names he must have made it a study.

How does he think this sounds? When he gets to know Thao, the teenage Hmong who lives next door, he takes him down to his barber for a lesson in how Americans talk.

He and the barber call each other a Polack and a dago and so on, and Thao is supposed to get the spirit. I found this scene far from realistic and wondered what Walt was trying to teach Thao. Then it occurred to me Walt didn't know it wasn't realistic. Walt is not so much a racist as a security guard, protecting his own security. He sits on his porch defending the theory that your right to walk through this world ends when your toe touches his lawn. Walt's wife has just died I would have loved to meet herand his sons have learned once again that the old bastard wants them to stay the hell out of his business.

In his eyes, they're overweight meddlers working at meaningless jobs, and his granddaughter is a self-centered greed machine. Walt sits on his porch all day long, when he's not doing house repairs or working on his prized Gran Torino, a car he helped assemble on the Ford assembly line.

Get off my lawn

He sees a lot. He sees a carload of Hmong gangstas trying to enlist the quiet, studious Thao into their thuggery. When they threaten Thao to make him try to steal the Gran Torino, Walt catches him red-handed and would just as soon shoot him as not. Then Thao's sister Sue Ahney Herlikable and sensible comes over to apologize for her family and offer Thao's services for odd jobs, Walt accepts only reluctantly. When Sue is threatened by some black bullies, Walt's eyes narrow and he growls and gets involved because it is his nature.

What with one thing and another, his life becomes strangely linked with these people, although Sue has to explain that the Hmong are mountain people from Laos who were U.

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When she drags him over to join a family gathering, Walt casually calls them all "gooks" and Sue a "dragon lady," they seem like awfully good sports about it, although a lot of them may not speak English. Walt seems unaware that his role is to embrace their common humanity, although he likes it when they stuff him with great-tasting Hmong food and flatter him.

torino comera

Among actors of Eastwood's generation, James Garner might have been able to play this role, but my guess is, he'd be too nice in it. Eastwood doesn't play nice. Walt makes no apologies for who he is, and that's why, when he begins to decide he likes his neighbors better than his own family, it means something. It's more like, out of the frying pan and into the melting pot. Along the way, he fends off the sincere but very young parish priest a persuasive Christopher Carleywho is only carrying out the deathbed wishes of the late Mrs.

Walt is a nominal Catholic. Hardly even nominal. It's about the belated flowering of a man's better nature. And it's about Americans of different races growing more open to one another in the new century. This doesn't involve some kind of grand transformation. It involves starting to see the "gooks" next door as people you love. And it helps if you live in the kind of neighborhood where they are next door.

If the climax seems too generic and pre-programmed, with too much happening fairly quickly, I like that better than if it just dribbled off into sweetness. So would Walt.They have a weakness for vintage cars and a certain sense of style: young Italians known as the Biscioni Torinoa group who meet regularly in downtown Turin. The portrait and car photographer, Davide de Martis, artfully sets the stage for a combination of both genres. You describe yourself as a car and portrait photographer.

I find peace of mind in photographing cars. I started taking pictures of literally anything, with no clue of what I was doing. Until one day somebody gave me a lesson about shutter speed and aperture. I loved the fact that with the camera I could stop that movement — it was magic. I always loved cars. My dad used to be a part-time, rally car co-driver, and we had many photos of those kind of races at home.

At the beginning of my career I had the chance to photograph cars in a studio, but I refused. So, I kept shooting cars the way I wanted to, and occasionally I posted some photos on my blog, until someone noticed.

Boto3 default timeout

I learned to photograph cars naturally, combining my love for both photography and automobiles. I shoot cars like wild animals in their habitat, and treat them with all the respect they deserve. Most of my car portraiture is of vintage cars: vehicles that made history in their own times, and are still unique specimens of design. I usually take photographs of every little detail that the car stylist penned.

Sometimes it takes a long time before I start to shoot. I have to lose myself in the design, to admire every angle of it; and I always try to emphasize it with great, natural light. Sure, Biscioni Torino. For them being a Biscione is a lifestyle. They say that Turin has the perfect surroundings, so they can spend every meeting like in a short film from the seventies, where the protagonists are their cars, the pilots are the actors, and the direction is their common passion.

The Q is that super fast, stealth camera that you can fit in any bag; and it truly is a powerhouse. You can shoot in high-speed sync with any flash. I also love everything about the SL: the design, the quality of its construction, the fact that is a mirror-less camera; plus the quality of the lenses paired to the camera and its sensor is at a totally different level. There is a main difference between taking a portrait of a car and a portrait of a person.

A car has lines to express itself. A designer sketches an expression on a car, just like you would photograph an expression on a face — like a smile.

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While photographing cars there is no back and forth between myself and the subject. In the end, I think that the most authentic source of inspiration is found within ourselves. Sometimes I joke about it, saying that my role model is Peter Parker. I really never had one favourite photographer: I have many from very different genres of photography to the one I practice.

I love to teach. To be able to convey my knowledge to somebody else is something very special, and I am very grateful for that. I have been teaching two classes in Turin for the past three years: the basic and the advance photography courses. This season the Leica Academy Italy is adding my first car portraits workshop.

I am very excited about it. What you learn in my workshop is applicable to any photographic genre: from portrait to landscape photography. Comments 0. Your email address will not be published.The Torino is also available in a womens model. Long distance road rides. Gravel road excursions. City commuting Bianchi: Siena The Siena is a comfortable city bike from Bianchi that has a lightweight aluminum frame, sturdy steel fork, and a reliable Tourney 7-speed drivetrain from Shimano.

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